April 14


Meeting was sparsely attended due to Spring Break.


Boys worked on lashing bamboo for Snuffy Hollow, will continue at next week's meeting.
They can bring knives to next week's meeting to cut the twine.


Snuffy Hollow Invitational Campout is 5/2-4.  Forms due 4/28 now avail on website.

Good opportunity for new scouts to gain skills in compass, map, hike, first aid, gadgets, etc.

Bulletin boards with roster and menu will be avail for each camp patrol.
Baltimore family campout forms should be avail at next week's meeting (posted on website soon)


April 25th is Earth Day at Deer Path Park (Echo Hill if raining); Mrs. Barnes will have sign up forms next week.

Drinks are due at next week's meeting.  Check with your patrol leader for types of drinks.